Top safari activities to do in Hell’s Gate National Park

Top safari activities to do in Hell’s Gate National Park : The name of the 16,865-acre Hell’s Gate National Park comes from a small slit in the cliffs that was formerly a stream of an ancient lake that ran through the Rift Valley. Early European explorers such as the German adventurer Gustav Fischer were aware of it long before it was founded in 1984. In 1882, Gustav travelled through the park area as part of a mission from the Hamburg Geographical Society to map a path between Mombasa and Lake Victoria. These nine fascinating sites can be explored on foot, bicycle, or even in a wheelbarrow in Hell’s Gate National Park, in addition to its well-known natural geysers and vulture and eagle breeding habitats.

  1. Visit Two Extinct Volcanoes

At the dormant volcanoes of Olkaria and Hobley, naturally occurring steam vents emerge from fractures in the volcanic rock. This area is characterized by obsidian, a remarkable black glassy rock created from cooled molten lava. The predominant vegetation types are grasslands and shrublands, with Leleshwa and several acacia species predominating in the latter.

  1. Climb the Fischer’s Tower.

The German adventurer Gustav Fischer, who scaled the rocky 25 metres (75 feet) high Fischer’s Tower in 1882, is honored with the tower’s name.

Fischer’s Tower is a 25 M (75 FT) high granite tower named after the German adventurer, Gustav Fischer, who ascended it in 1882. Rocks that were partially melted and driven through a fissure to build the tower cooled and solidified as they extruded. Regarding the tower, the Maasai have their own theory of origin. According to mythology, a disturbed young lady who was being taken away for marriage received a warning not to turn around.

Sadly, her curiosity got the better of her and she disobeyed, turning to have one final look at her cherished house. She was instantly cursed and cast to stone, giving Fischer’s Tower its recognizable feminine shape.

The story seems very similar to the biblical account of Lot and his wife when they were fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah at the height of God’s wrath upon the two cities. Compared to the Central Tower, Fischer’s Tower is smaller. There are rock hyraxes around its base that have made this place their home. Another name for them is dassies. There’s also a great picnic area available at the tower.

  1. Scale the Central Tower.

The Central Tower, which is bigger than the more well-known Fischer’s Tower, is located farther into the park. It’s also referred to by the locals as “Embarta” or “the horse.” If you are not strolling along the Buffalo Circuit, it is nearly impossible to see the Central Tower from the road.

  1. View a Variety of Game.

Hell’s Gate National Park does not feature all the famous Big Five, and that is what makes it such a fantastic location for a walking safari. Large mammals including the buffalo, eland, plains zebra, Coke’s hartebeest, Grant’s and Thomson’s gazelles, reedbuck, impala, Maasai giraffe, lion, leopard, cheetah, and spotted hyena will still be there, though.

  1. Spot an assortment of birdlife.

The national park is home to around 103 species of birds. Numerous raptor and swift species breed along the gorge and rocks.

  1. Visit the Olkaria Geothermal Station.

Also referred to as the Olkaria II Geothermal Power Station or Olkaria II Geothermal Power Plant, the plant has an electric generating capacity of 105 MW. The plant became operational in 2003 when the Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KENGEN), which owns it, commissioned 2 35 MW units. After seven years, Olkaria’s total capacity increased to 105 MW with the installation of a third 35 MW unit.

Top safari activities to do in Hell's Gate National Park
Olkaria Geothermal Station
  1. Top safari activities to do in Hell’s Gate National Park : Visit the Obsidian Caves.

Situated on the Buffalo Circuit are the Obsidian caverns. The Iron and magnesium in the obsidian give it a dark green to black colour. When small air bubbles are present in the rock, they produce fascinating outcomes such as a golden sheen, known as Sheen Obsidian or a rainbow sheen called Rainbow Obsidian. Were you aware that the little bits of obsidian, which have been sculpted and polished by the elements, are known as Apache Tears?

  1. Top safari activities to do in Hell’s Gate National Park : Descend into the Spectacular Ol Njorowa Gorge.

This is Hell’s Gate National Park’s next great draw, after the animal treks and Fischer’s Tower. It takes roughly two hours to walk across the breathtakingly beautiful gorge.

This is Hell’s Gate National Park’s next significant draw, after treks amid wildlife and Fischer’s Tower. It takes roughly two hours to walk the entire length of the breathtakingly beautiful gorge. You’ll witness walls that are nearly touching at the summit due to water erosion. A number of hot and cold waterfalls, hot springs, and vibrant strata and rock formations can also be found. Hollywood loves to adore Ol Njorowa Gorge.

  1. Stand on Pride Rock.

Ponder the great circle of life while standing at the brink of this famous rock. Pride Rock serves as the setting for Disney’s magnificent Lion King Animation. King Mufasa explains to his son Simba how everyone is a part of the vast circle of life at this very rock.

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