Things to do at Kiunga Marine Reserve

Things to do at Kiunga Marine Reserve : Situated around 150 km east of the Lamu mainland, the little, pristine settlement of Kiunga is home to 61,776 acres that make up the Kiunga Marine National Reserve. The reserve offers thrilling chances to discover the network of reefs along the well-known Kenyan coast. An airfield at the nearby Dodori National Reserve provides aviation access to the reserve. From Lamu, you can also go to Kiwayu Island by speedboat or dhow. Here are six interesting activities you can do at the reserve.

  1. Explore 50 Coral Islands.

In the Lamu Archipelago, Kiunga Marine National Reserve protects a remarkable marine environment consisting of a network of over fifty calcareous offshore islands and coral reefs. The archipelago, which consists of a collection of scorching, low-lying desert islands, extends for about 60 km down the coast and borders the mainland’s Dodori and Boni national reserves.

  1. Catch a Glimpse of the ‘Mermaid’.

At least five different species of sea turtles, three of which nest here, find a popular haven in the old mangrove forest that is located inside the reserve. However, this area has also become a haven for the endangered dugongs. You might wish to pay extra attention to the dugongs as they are a particularly captivating sight. One of the rarest sea mammals, they resemble enormous sea lions and have nearly been driven to extinction by hunting. Because of their prominent teats on the female’s chest, there’s a good chance that these were what ancient sailors thought of as mermaids. With any hope, you may be able to see their puppies! They have access to good feeding grounds in the seagrass beds.

Although the turtles live in the mangroves, the beaches make excellent breeding locations. Spend some time exploring the towering dunes, smooth lagoons, and tidal streams that enhance the coastal scenery.

  1. Check out the Bat Roosts.

The world’s largest Roseate Tern breeding colony and bat roosts are protected by the offshore rock formations at Kiunga Marine National Reserve. A black helmet, dark bill, and pale rose breast accentuate the stunning white breeding plumage of the magnificent Roseate Terns, which are magnificent birds of graceful proportions. Usually, they adore building their nests on remote islands.

  1. See the Dramatic Three.

Kiunga Marine National Reserve, located farther out into the ocean, is home to even more amazing marine species, such as dolphins, rays, and humpback whales. The whales leave their feeding grounds in Antarctica to give birth in warm waters in East Africa, Somalia and Mozambique.

  1. Try out some watersports.

Kiunga Marine National Reserve includes many water sporting safari activities events such as windsurfing, snorkeling, water skiing and diving and among others.

Things to do at Kiunga Marine Reserve
  1. Go Fishing with the Bajuni.

The Bajuni people, who live near the reserve, use woven traps to harvest reef fish in shallow seas, a method of fishing that dates back thousands of years. The Malema and Uzio are two popular varieties of traps. The Malema is a type of basket valve trap that looks like a large basket with a valve at one end that keeps fish out. It is secured on all sides by a solitary stone. The Uzio is a gated trap that has a small opening that opens into a closed-off catching area. The fish willingly go in, but they are prevented from leaving. These days, the majority of Bajunis have switched from these age-old, ecological practices to more modern seine nets. However, the nets cause a great deal of destruction. You could get lucky and find a few fishermen who are still fishing the old-fashioned way. Observing this fishing method is fascinating.

Visit Kiunga Marine National Reserve the next time you’re in Lamu, and you’ll see why so many people refer to it as an enchanting underwater realm. Before you travel, contact us Focus East Africa Tours for the wonderful safari experience.

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