Activities to do at Diani Beach

Activities done in Diani Beach :Diani Beach is Kenya’s top star leading beach destination in the country. The beach is such charming bordered by the stunning Indian Ocean, this is the best beach to explore on your Kenya safari because it has got the delicate white sands, lavish greenery, the crazy and shining emerald blue that emerges from the crystal-clear waters and among many other beautiful features. Diani beach is the perfect place where the tourists should not miss out on a Kenya safari because its Kenya’s ideal spot to move away from the stress of the regularly daily life and to get back to the normal happiness.

Diani beach is a beautiful destination along the shores of the Indian Ocean, as this is the tranquil patch of heaven. Diani is located around 18 miles south of Mombasa, on the East Coast of Africa. That is on the East Coast of Africa. Diani Beach is best known as the best seashore destination in the entire world for the five past years constantly, the destination is perfect for the families, honeymooners, watersports, explorers, with the vast number of the fun activities to do at Diani beach. From the jumping with the dolphins and the ocean turtles, skydiving, kitesurfing, spotting whole sharks, enjoying nightlife the list is endless the beach offers the diverse safari activities for all the ages.

Activities done in Diani Beach.

Sky diving.

Sky diving is one of the thrilling safari activity done by tourists in Diani Beach. This is where various travelers come closer to the beach every time to do skydiving. The safari activity is offered by Kenya’s permanent sky diving club, where the club organizes skydiving expeditions and it offers the quality jumping gear and qualified guide of the proper and smoothing of the activity. Again the club organizes the weekly boogies festivals in every March and November where tourists get to do skydiving that is such magnificent.

Snorkeling, scuba diving, boat trips.

Boat trips, snorkeling, scuba diving are among the stunning safari activities done in Diani Beach that brings happiness to the tourists after enjoying the diverse marine life done in the Indian Ocean and Diani Beach. The activities experiences the travelers to the cool and ocean breezes and the calm waters of the Indian Ocean, during the boat trips the tourists enjoys the blue waters and they ride and get far and takes the beautiful pictures.

Tourists enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving in the waters where they get the best opportunities of physical witness nature and its wonderful waters of the Indian Ocean. Then for the case of scuba diving the tourists enjoy meeting the marine species like the killer whales, hawksbill sea turtles, green sea turtle and very many others. Don’t miss up a safari to Diani beach because that’s when you enjoy the enjoyable endless activities in Diani Beach while watching the very prime marine animal species that are special in the destination.

Activities to do at Diani Beach
Snorkelling in Diani Beach

Exploring Chale Island.

Chale Island is the safari attraction in Diani Beach that is located in the middle of Msambweni bay, its 12 kilometers south of Diani Beach. On a safari to Dian Beach the tourists enjoy exploring the white sand beach and a variety of coral reefs and among others, also during your time to the Chale Island the tourists enjoy to participate in safari activities like kayaking, game fishing, beach snorkeling, and many others. Chale Island is the multipurpose destination that offers the tourists with the most and stunning time of exploring the destination. Like the people use it as the place of worship, the island consists of the different boutiques that sell the tourists with many items like clothing, jewelry, gift shops to sell the souvenirs, handcraft pieces and many others.

Relaxing at the spas in Diani Beach.

Diani Beach has great spas that offer relaxing spa and massage and among many others. On Diani beach tourists enjoy the classic spa at Uzuri SPA Diani. Where tourists enjoy different spa treatments with European and African products for unisex with special packages like treatments, body wraps, waxing, pedicure, hydrotherapy and many others.

Visiting Shimba Hills National Park.

Tourists who come to explore Diani beach are always having the hundred percent of visiting Shimba Hills National Park, which rewards them with the best sightings of the elephnats, waterbucks, giraffes and among others, a safari to Diani beach can be combined with the game drive to Shimba Hills National Park.

Colobus conservation.

Tourists who are interested in the colobus monkeys. Then Diani beach is the right choice through visiting colobus conservation in Diani beach. On the way to experience the Colobus monkeys the tourists do walks into the forest as they keep on enjoying the colobus monkeys as they are swaging in the trees, learning various things about the colobus monkeys that makes their safari the most interesting one.

Visiting Kisite Marine Park.

Kisite Marine Park is known as the best snorkeling safari destination in the world that brings the tourists the gorgeous safari activities like the turtles, eels, Humpback, manta rays, spinner and among others.

Activities to do at Diani Beach
Visiting Kisite Marine Park

Feeding the bush babies.

On a safari to Diani beach you can get yourself a chance to feed the bush babies at Stilts Backpackers, here you enjoy being surrounded by the bush babies, knowing the history of the site, the bush babies come from the jungle as a way of life that allows you to feed on them especially with the bananas.

Other safari activities to do inn Diani beach includes playing the golf, visiting Diani beach Art Galley exhibitions, our at Kongo mosque, a day at the Forty Thieves Beach bar, exploring Fort Jesus and among others.

Where to stay in Diani Beach.

Tourists who come to explore Diani beach are provided with the diverse accommodation facilities that are such gorgeous with the view of the Indian Ocean and the cool breeze, that are well comfortable and suitable for the tourists that are categorized into Budget, Mid-range and luxury accommodations including the Diani reef beach resort and spa, Diani sea resort, Maji beach boutique hotel, Baobab beach resort, Jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach, Water lovers Beach Resort, Diani Sea lodge, The sands at Nomad and among others.

How to get to Diani Beach.

Diani Beach can be accessed by various means of transport from Nairobi the capital city of Kenya that is through using the road, air means of transport, train means.

Road transport.

Tourists to reach Diani beach, it takes for them 9 to 10 hours that is around 520.8 km through using Mombasa Road.

Air transport.

Air transport is the best and quick means of transport from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport to ukunda airstrip. In case of the shortage in number of the flights you can fly from Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Mombasa, and from there you hire a taxi to drop you at the Diani Beach. This takes approximately 50 minutes.

Train transport.

Tourists can reach Diani beach with the help of the train from Nairobi city though this takes a longer time and suitable for the budget tourists.

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