Why Is Mombasa Famous?

Why Is Mombasa Famous? Mombasa is the great safari destination on a Kenya safari, the reason being the destination is the second largest city in Kenya, the first one being Nairobi. Mombasa is the attractive and excellent safari destination for the wide number of tourists majorly known for the beaches and the history of the place. Mombasa is the Kenya’s foremost tourist destination for all the tourists including both the international and the local tourists. The destination is everyone’s safari dream in that it borders the Indian Ocean and has the most beautiful collection of the award-winning and the best beaches around the destination like Diani beach.

Mombasa coastline is the destination that is cleaved into the North Coast and the South Coast, there is only usage of the ferry service from the North Coast, as the North coast has four attractive safari beaches that are such popular and most explored by the various number of tourists. The beaches that are located in the North Coast includes the following.

Nyali beaches.

Nyali beaches are the best popular with the loved environment. Nyali beaches are such incredible that are close to the city center means that the water quality of the beaches in Nyali beach is not pristine, but the tourists on a safari to Mombasa do enjoy carrying out the long walks around while appreciating the beautiful nature that is within the beaches.

Bamburi beach.

Bamburi beach is so close to Mombasa, though at a certain extent the water quality at Bamburi beach is much better than that at the beaches in Nyali. However the Bamburi beach can be over explored during the weekend periods and especially during the holidays where the tourists enjoy the elusive palm trees and the white sand as this gives the tourists the charming tropical beach vibe during a safari at Mombasa.

Shanzu beach.

Shanzu beach is the best option for the beach lovers who come to visit Mombasa. The beach offers the tourists with the white sands and the palm trees and also the beach gives the most humble time to the tourists who happen to visit the beach where the beach can be less crowded. Than Nyali beach and the Bamburi beach making Mombasa to be the most selected safari destination where the tourists can happen to relax their minds from stresses while carrying out gorgeous safari activities done at the beach like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and among others.

English Point.

English point is known as the least popular beach in Mombasa. The English Point offers the breathtaking safari views of the Indian Ocean and the Old Town at large though English point is not recommended for swimming. Despite that it’s the smaller beach compared to others. The English point is the attractive safari destination with the attractive and clean hotel that offers the guests with the best services like Hotel English Point and among others where the guests can enjoy their safari activities and most suitable comfort from.

Why Is Mombasa Famous?
English Point

On the other side the South Coast of Mombasa has got the most two prime beaches that includes the following,

Diani beach.

Diani beach is the known as the classic, most super beach in Kenya. And being known as the best beach it’s again named as the best beach in Africa on the multiple occasions. Diani beach is so attractive with the classic number of the beach resorts, hotels and among others on Diani beach. The beach is so fascinating white sand, palm trees with the most of the resorts and hotels that have got the stunning gardens where the tourists can have the endless spotting of the beautiful nature including the wildlife and endless number of the safari activities that the tourist ca participate in.

Tiwi beach.

Tiwi beach is located in the south coast. The two beaches located in the south are more perfect and ideal for vacation the reason being that they can be less crowded with unspoiled white sands, shady coconut palms and casuarinas trees and a larger rock, with the pristine water conditions. Tourists enjoy the some of the safari activities done here since the beach is perfect for snorkeling, diving and among others.

On the other side, Mombasa is not only famous for the beaches. The destination is well known as the historical city that is during the first and the fifth centuries. Mombasa was occupied by the Portuguese, Arabs and the British settlers that are still present in Mombasa with the some of the sites of the historical vital existences including, Why Is Mombasa Famous?

Old Town.

Old town is located in the South-Eastern part of Mombasa, on a safari to Mombasa exploring the Old Town is like going back in time. The reason being the place is occupied with diverse cultures like Swahili people, Portuguese, Arabs, and then British settlers. The buildings in the area are such attractive with architectural influence from all the cultures that makes Old Town the foremost of life and the culture from the past centuries in Mombasa.

Fort Jesus.

Mombasa is the delight destination with Fort Jesus that makes most of the tourists to explore it. This is the UNESCO World Heritage Site and known as the world’s 16th Century Portuguese military architecture. Fort Jesus is such well sited and built by Italian architect Giovanni Battists Cairati between the periods of 1593 to 1596. And when viewed from air it has a shape of a man. In Fort Jesus that’s where the tourists can view some of the historic artifacts and the structures are located their like Oman House that was the house of the Sultan that once owned the East African coast and among many others that makes Mombasa the strong destination and a famous one on a Kenya safari.

Best time to visit Mombasa.

Any time is good to visit Mombasa, however on the side the best time to visit Mombasa is from July to October, that’s when there can be lots of bright sunshine and spotless skies. Again during that period is best for safaris in Mombasa.

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