What are the North Coast beaches in Mombasa?

What are the North Coast beaches in Mombasa? Kenya is well known for its beautiful scenery, the impressive Great Rift Valley, huge wildlife preserves, mountainous highlands, and much more. The stunning beaches situated close to the Kenyan Coast, however, rank among the top attractions in Kenya. 536 miles of the coast are made up of beaches, settlements, and islands in the Indian Ocean.

The Kenyan Coast boasts some of the world’s most stunning and magnificent white sand beaches. In addition to going on a safari while there, visitors can also indulge in luxurious beach vacations. As a result, the shoreline draws a lot of domestic and foreign tourists to enjoy its coastlines.

The coast of Kenya is home to many different cultures, has a long history, and is breathtakingly beautiful. Along with the fine, powdery sands and the crystal-clear waters, this area is also home to lagoons, remote islands, atolls, streams, and hidden coves as well as lush mangrove forests. The North Coast ranks higher when it comes to observing marine life than the South Coast. One can partake in a variety of activities and go on boat excursions to several islands because the area has multiple marine parks.

However, visit the beaches on Kenya’s North Coast for the perfect beach vacation. From Nyali to Malindi, the North Coast is renowned for its wide white dunes, trading history, natural beauty, opulent resorts, and intriguing Swahili ruins. The North Coast features some of the most amazing beaches one could ever visit, complete with gently swaying palm trees and the soothing waves of the Indian Ocean.

Here are the greatest beaches to visit along Kenya’s north coast to save you time:


The magnificent scenery and interesting history of Mombasa’s north coast are on display. The greatest variety of marine life abounds in its beautifully blue waters. The north coast of the city is bordered by immaculate seashores, much as Diani Beach, which is situated in the southern part of Mombasa. The beaches, which have imposing palm palms, are broken by the Kilifi Creek’s enormous mouth.

Nyali Beach, located on the mainland to the north of Mombasa County, is one of the well-known beaches. Nyali, a westernised residential suburb with a stunning white sand coastline, is shielded by the coral reef. There are various opulent resorts and hotels, entertainment venues, and dining establishments.

North of Mombasa, on the tranquil Kikambala Beach, is a tranquil sanctuary. Before the sun sets, visitors can spend hours on the beach relaxing and participating in water sports. Visitors can also enjoy shopping at Bamburi stores and exploring the inland tropical jungle.

Along with beautiful beaches, Kenya’s North Coast offers cultural, historical, and recreational attractions. When visiting Kenya for a safari, be sure to visit the beautiful beaches to enjoy the Kenyan coast tourism and relax.


On the north bank of Kilifi Creek is the little beach town of Kilifi. Kilifi is renowned for its beautiful coastlines and beach sports activities. As it avoided the most of the development phase, it has gained its reputation as a secret place, tucked into an estuary that flows to the Goshi River.

Kilifi Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in Kilifi. It is situated on Kilifi Creek’s southern bank. The palm and baobab trees that stretch the horizon provide a tranquil environment for sunbathing for visitors. There are a variety of water sports activities available, including diving, sailing, snorkelling, and relaxing dhow boat rides. On the shore, there are also diving schools for beginners.

Another beach can be found in Kilifi’s northern region along the coast at Bofa Beach. There are miles of waving palm trees lining this beautiful coastline. Its turquoise seas are decorated with a sizable coral reef. Along with participating in sports, tourists can simply unwind, enjoy the beautiful beach, and savour the food served by the local eateries.

Gosana Culture and Nature Park, the Portuguese Chapel, and the Mnarani Ruins, which are old Swahili villages from the fourteenth century, are significant tourist destinations close to Kilifi.


Malindi is a stunning town in Malindi Bay that is surrounded by resorts and tropical beaches. Only 120 miles separate it from Mombasa. The town is well-known for its stunning beaches and vibrant coasts. Warm waves and fine sands in Malindi draw visitors from all over the world.

One of the beaches in the town is called Silversands Beach. Low tides are best for taking hikes to the coral reefs and viewing the underwater wildlife undisturbed. The beach offers a number of water sports, including scuba diving, kitesurfing, and windsurfing.

Malindi Beach is Located in the Mangochi area of Lake Malawi. Due to its golden sands that shimmer in the hot sun, the locals refer to it as Buntwani and call it “The Golden Beach.” The beach is known for historical events and features Swahili architecture in addition to its golden-brown appearance.

What are the North Coast beaches in Mombasa?

Long sandy shorelines and a varied underwater world may be seen at Malindi Marine Park Beach. Marine mammals, turtles, coral gardens, mangroves, bordering reefs, and enormous corals can all be found in the marine park. Scuba diving, boat trips, nature hikes, and snorkelling are all available to tourists. The strange sandstone canyon Marafa Hells Kitchen, the Vasco Da Gama Pillar, the Gede Ruins, and the Malindi Museum are also nearby sights. Visitors can also enjoy the beach resorts, casinos, restaurants, and gift stores at this Marine Park.


Watamu Bay and the Blue Lagoon sits the little and endearing town of Watamu. The town has become a well-liked beach resort for many people as a result of the area’s attractiveness. Powdery white sand beaches and offshore coral formations can be found along its shoreline.

Watamu Beach’s shoreline is bordered by a coral reef that is surrounded by narrow coves, wide lagoons, and bays. Along its distinctive shoreline, it keeps the waters tranquil and beautifully clean. Along with other beaches along the coast like Gorada Beach, Turtle Bay, Jacaranda Beach, and Watamu Bay, this beach is located inside the Marine National Park, which is a protected area.

Due to its clear seas, Watamu is the ideal place to go diving and snorkelling. There is a wide variety of fauna and marine life in the area around it. Around 600 different species of fish, more than 100 different kinds of stony coral, and countless different kinds of crabs, snails, and mollusks can be found at the well-known Watamu Marine National Park. Fantastic restaurants that combine Indian, Italian, and Arab cuisines are also available in Watamu. In close proximity to Watamu are additional attractions such the Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve, the Bio Ken Snake Farm, and the Local Ocean Trust, which safeguards sea turtles.

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