Ultimate Giraffe Safari

Ultimate Giraffe Safari :  The ultimate safari experience for giraffe enthusiasts, including up-close encounters with conservationists and enlightening perspectives on Africa’s giraffes. When travelling to Kenya on safari with Focus East Africa Tours, travelers should not miss this amazing safari experience to give you unforgettable safari memories.

Join the two co-founders of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF), Dr Julian and Stephanie Fennessy, alongside GCF’s East Africa Coordinator Dr Arthur Muneza, on a ten-night adventure to encounter three of the world’s four giraffe species. This luxurious safari, which sleeps up to eight people, takes you to three of The Safari Collection’s breathtaking establishments: Giraffe Manor, Sasaab, and Sala’s Camp. These properties are located in some of Kenya’s most renowned wildlife areas. The severely endangered reticulated giraffe, the endangered Masai giraffe, and the critically endangered Rothschild’s/Nubian giraffe a subspecies of the Northern giraffe can all be found in this area.

Joining the Fennessys and Dr Muneza on their travels will offer exceptional chances to observe giraffes through the eyes of global specialists, collaborate with them in the field through practical exercises, and acquire as much knowledge as you can possibly dream about giraffes! Discover how to identify and survey giraffes, and keep a careful eye on the operations of GCF’s Twiga Tracker Initiative, which is the largest GPS tracking study ever undertaken on giraffes, to witness conservation in action. Over 450 giraffes have been monitored by GCF thus far throughout their range in Africa. In addition to interacting with members of the local community who coexist with the tallest animal in the world, we plan to give visitors a chance to see a GCF giraffe tagging operation, in which giraffes are fitted with GPS satellite tags for tracking.

Ultimate Giraffe Safari
Ultimate Giraffe Safari

Giraffe Conservation Foundation.
The Global Giraffe Foundation (GCF) is the only organization in the world dedicated exclusively to the conservation of wild giraffes across Africa. Dr. Julian Fennessy is one of the world’s foremost authorities on giraffe conservation, having completed his doctorate on the ecology of giraffes living in the Northwest of Namibia. In 2009, he and his spouse Stephanie established GCF, and in 2014, they decided to fully commit their professional lives to giraffe conservation, making history as the first full-time giraffe conservationists worldwide!

In order to bring attention to and funds for the little-known giraffe problem, the Fennessys also organized the inaugural World Giraffe Day in 2014 on June 21st, which is the longest day for the tallest animal. In the previous 300 years, giraffes have lost about 90% of their habitat, and in the last 35 years, their population has decreased by nearly 30%. Based on their latest estimates, only 117,000 giraffes remain in the wild; this means only ONE giraffe for every FOUR elephants in Africa.

GCF is an international, science-based organization that provides highly effective, cutting-edge solutions to protect giraffes for future generations. It supports giraffe conservation programs in 20 countries. This safari offers a special chance to witness firsthand how GCF and its partners support their work by proactively countering the trends of giraffe decrease on the continent.

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