Traveling To Diani Beach

Traveling To Diani Beach : Travelers on a tropical beach holiday in Kenya can access Diani Beach through a number of ways from Nairobi or Mombasa, the common used ways to get to Diani Beach include by air, by rail and by road.

The stunning Diani Beach is located on South Coast of Kenya which is an enviable location, the beach is approximately 30 kilometers from the Mombasa a historic port city and approximately 3 hours drive from Tsavo National park – one of the largest game drives in the world. Because Diani Beach’s location, it is perfect for combining it your beach holiday with an exciting Kenya wildlife safari.

Kenya enjoys good connections with major flights hubs in Africa, Asia and Europe which makes it easy for international travelers to access the beach for a kenya beach holiday, Kenya is an 8 – hour flight from Europe and 10 hours flight from parts of Asia. Regular and reliable internal and regional flights are available connecting Diani Beach.


Most of the Major European and African airports offer direct flights to Nairobi and regular connections through international hubs in Dubai and Doha are available on regular basis.

From Nairobi, internal air connections to Diani Beach’s Ukunda Airport are available.

All travelers flying into Kenya are required to have an entry visa “e-Visa” that is to be obtained through online Portal

Note: Visas on arrival are no longer available.



From Nairobi to Diani Beach, there are domestic flights from Wilson Airport to Ukunda Airport (Diana Airport) located just 5 minutes from the stunning Diani Beach. These flights are offered by several airlines flying this routes and they include

  • Jambojet
  • Safarilink
  • Skyward Express

    Traveling To Diani Beach
    Skyward Express
  • East African Air J
  • Fly540
  • AirKenya

By Rail

By rail take the SGR Mandaraka Express from Nairobi to Mombasa, you will then get a taxi or a shuttle from the SGR Terminus at Mombasa to Diani. Taxis transfers can be organized by Ocean Tribe.

By Road

From Nairobi City you can catch an overnight bus to Ukunda, it is a drive of approximately 12 hours. Though the drive is long, it is the most cost effective way to get to Diani Beach.

If you are self-driving, you will follow the Mombasa road from Nairobi to Mombasa then cross the ferry at Likoni from Mombasa Island and drive to Ukunda before taking the road to Diani Beach.


Diani Beach is located just 30 minutes south of Mombasa, guests accessing the beach should follow the A14 South, following signs for Ukunda and then Diani Beach, turning off shortly before arriving in the town of Ukunda if you are driving. From Mombasa International airport, there are several taxis offering taxi services, Traveling To Diani Beach .

By Air

Though it is approximately 30 kilometers away the Likoni Ferry, you can fly to Diani Beach from Mombasa Airport to Ukunda Airport. Flights from Mombasa Airport to Ukunda Airport are offered by several local carriers including Skyward Express, Jambojet, Fly540, AirKenya and Safarilink.

By road / self-driving/ Riding Matatus

if you are self-driving to Diani Beach, you cross the ferry at Likoni from Mombasa Island and drive to Ukunda on the main highway to Tanzania before taking the road to Diani Beach, Traveling To Diani Beach .

If you are looking for more adventure, riding matatus is a best option. Driving in a matatus you will need to change vehicles at the ferry and cross the ferry on foot then change again at Ukunda and get a Tuk Tuk to Dinai.

Using a Taxi/ private car – this can be arranged from Mombasa Airport or Mombasa SGR railway terminus to Diani Beach. Private car transfers can be arranged by Ocean Tribe. It is also possible to get Ubers in Mombasa, although the Uber Map Calculation might not take the ferry into account and calculate a longer route.


  • Once daily scheduled flight from Masai Mara departing at 14h00 with Mombasa Air.
  • Once daily scheduled flight from Nairobi Wilson departing at 09h30 on Air Kenya.
  • Once daily scheduled flight from Nairobi Wilson departing at 14h00 on Safari Link
  • Multiple daily scheduled flights from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) to Moi International Airport, Mombasa
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