Top Safari Tours Hotels In Wasini Island

Top Safari Tours Hotels In Wasini Island

Top Safari Tours Hotels In Wasini Island : There’s nothing more thrilling than a fantastic holiday season. Additionally, visiting Wasini Island in Mombasa is even more thrilling. Visitors may be sure to have an amazing time when they interact with animals like dolphins. Yes, you are correct. Swimmers get the opportunity to interact and play with the dolphins. I think this seems like a fantastic adventure. One could refer to Wasini Island as “Paradise on Earth.” Although it may sound like just another catchphrase, this island is genuinely special and a refuge for tranquilly.

Three miles off the Indian Ocean coast, in southeast Kenya, sits Wasini Island. From Mombasa town, it is about seventy-five (75) km south. The island features walkways made of jagged ancient coral or sand. Bicycles, carts, and cars are quite uncommon on the atoll. The two major methods for moving cargo are on foot and in wheelbarrows with sturdy tyres. Wasini Kenya safari is committed to providing the greatest possible hospitality. This was particularly evident following the outcry from tourists visiting Wasini Island, who expressed dissatisfaction over unfulfilled expectations and deliveries. They currently brag about providing the greatest bargains and high-quality services in capable hands.

The top hotels on Wasini Island are listed below. You shouldn’t be afraid to come to Wasini Island because lodging there is typically less expensive and more accessible than in other places.

Top Safari Tours Hotels In Wasini Island : The Sands at Chale Island
The Sands at Nomad, a sibling resort, is in charge of running the hotel. It may be found along the Diani beach in Ukunda. This atoll entrance is ideal for anyone seeking peace, quiet, and a touch of the island. It was constructed with an emphasis on preserving the island’s natural beauty and underwent renovations in 2006. It can realise all of your wishes with its two spacious swimming pools, ethereal spa, and fully furnished water sports area. Price range for a regular room: Ksh 15, 142 to 74, 915 on average. You have a large selection to pick from thanks to the 50 rooms.

Lantana Galu Beach
Situated on the serene side of Diani Beach is this enchanted hotel. Along the Kenyan coast, the beach is situated between verdant tropical plantations. Visitors can enjoy roomy vacation villas and suites decorated in the Swahili style. You can arrange your own time and space and receive tailored services. In all, there are 47 rooms, a spa, a fully furnished fitness facility, and a large pool. Based on typical rates for a basic room, the price range is Ksh 16,637 to Ksh 33,473.

Top Safari Tours Hotels In Wasini Island
Lantana Galu Beach

Top Safari Tours Hotels In Wasini Island : Neptune Village Beach Resort & Spa
It’s located at the beach in Diani. You may get a close-up look at the best of wonderful African hospitality at this resort. The resort and nature go hand in hand with the makuti roofs. It boasts one of Mombasa’s broadest beachfronts. Take a look at this gorgeous resort and experience all-inclusive ideas. The range of prices (based on average rates for a regular room) is Ksh 16,536 to Ksh 33,574.

Blue Monkey Beach Cottages
Along the Wasini coastline, Wasini Island Cottages are scattered like a wild garden. The Wasini Cottages have a wide covered terrace, an eco-toilet, a sitting area, a 2 by 2 double bed and a single bed, and a view of the sea. A kitchen space is included on the terrace for self-caterers. In addition, the cottages are separate structures featuring flush toilets and fresh water showers. On request, additional beds are available and are arranged on a roof terrace with views of trees. This specific home features its own wooden jetty and secluded sand beach on the cliff. Birds that feed in the swash area include storks, sea eagles, herons, and egrets. These birds can be observed while lounging beneath a baobab tree. Numerous chameleons, cats, blue monkeys, monitor lizards, tortoises, and birds should not startle you.

Top Safari Tours Hotels In Wasini Island : Kusini Beach Cottage
This cottage has a fully functional kitchen that is supplied. There’s always a room attendant to tidy up after you, set the table, and serve your meals, and a personal chef to prepare your delicacies. The cottages have a lovely yard, a great beach, and are kid-friendly as well. In addition, they provide free access to beach tennis, kayaks, and a tennis court. Numerous water sports are easily accessible on foot.

Since Diani has several groceries, the cottage’s insistence on self-catering is a terrific concept. Every day, fresh fruits and seafood are delivered right to your house. The price range (based on typical rates for a basic room) is Ksh 11,158 to Ksh 29,787.

Pride Inn Express Diani
This is a true jewel that offers every hospitality-related delight. You will go on an unparalleled journey through the vibrant and rich coastal culture during your stay at this hotel. The outstanding services provided will guarantee that you experience both the Pride Inn touch and wonderful natural seaside delight. Local flights are offered to the 500-kilometer-distance Ukunda airport in Diani, Nairobi. The price ranges from Ksh 4,483 to Ksh 7,372 (based on typical prices for a basic room)

Top Safari Tours Hotels In Wasini Island
Pride Inn Express Diani

Which activity on Wasini Island is the best?
While visiting Wasini Island, are you feeling up for something more than just lounging around? Indeed! Both on land and at water, there are many different tours and activities available. You can participate in any land activities without a guide. But there’s always a house guide accessible to provide you more details about the original flora and wildlife, the structural layout, and to introduce you to local myths and culture. When visiting Wasini Island, you may:

Savour a tour of Wasini Island that includes : stops at the promenade, local football teams and the coral garden, among many other attractions.

Check out the snorkelling and dolphin cruises : The Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park is where you may find this. At a nominal cost of 1,800 per hour, you can enjoy a dhow sailing excursion in the Wasini region with a high likelihood of swimming in the marine conservation area.

Walk for two to three hours around the island : to reach the southern coast, passing by palm plantations and a small fishing community.

Sail a short way to Vanga : which is the border with Tanzania. This requires a whole day. Take a full-day boat excursion from Wasini to Funzi Island.

Trophy or deep sea fishing : what could be more thrilling? With the help of professionals from a reputable fishing club, tourists may experience this in its entirety at the Pemba Channel for $650 for six hours or $850 for ten.

Make sure to see the Slaves caverns in Shimoni : before departing from Wasini and have an educational nature stroll through the forest. The likelihood of seeing Angolan black and white colobus monkeys is quite high. It takes two hours to do this task.

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