Things to do at Ndere Island National Park

Things to do at Ndere Island National Park : Ndere Island National Park is a freshly gazetted 1,038-acre park just off the northern shore of Lake Victoria. In Dholuo, the native Luo language, the park’s name signifies a “meeting place.” Themeda grass species, whose mature flowers have a crimson hue, is another reason why the locals refer to island as Chula Rabour, or the Red Island.

Ndere Island National Park is very important to the Luo people. Luo legend states that this is the location where Kit Mikayi, the tribe’s mother, is said to have rested. According to folklore, she had journeyed south along the Nile Valley. The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) dubbed national park “the island of serenity and beauty” in 2010 after it opened in November 1986. Here are things you should definitely do while you’re there.

Picnic, Hike and Walk.

Well-kept walking trails in Ndere Island National Park provide you with breath-taking vistas of Lake Victoria. From a distance, you can also see the Hoima hills to the south. To the east, the island of Magere is also noticeable. You just about make out Kampala, Uganda, beyond the southwest horizon. The location offers beautiful areas for hiking and picnics as well during your Kenya safari.

Learn Traditional Fishing.

You are welcome to go fishing with the locals if you make advance preparations. While the majority have switched to more contemporary methods, some continue to use the traditional woven trap method. Here, fishing is akin to a contest as anglers vie to bring in the largest and most abundant catch. With any luck, you’ll be an expert when you leave. As an alternative, sport fishing is an option.

Go on a Boat Safari.

On their boats, the locals regularly arrange boat safaris. It is also feasible to visit the adjacent sister island of Magere with previous preparations. This is a wonderful safari experience where the travelers can get a chance to spot the incredible species that is animal species and bird species during the boat safari experience which offers you unforgettable safari experience.

Things to do at Ndere Island National Park
Ndere Island National Park

See Wildlife.

The coastline waters of Ndere Island National Park are home to a variety of species, such as crocodiles and hippos. Currently, there are roughly enough impala in the population. However, a visit to the unique and endangered aquatic Sitatungas antelope is a must on every safari of the park.

Go Bird Watching.

Ndere Island National Park is home to over a hundred different species of birds. They live largely among the papyrus reeds that are scattered along the coast. There’s no pressure to find them all in one tour (though that would be a record), but try to identify a couple at least. Commence with common aquatic birds such as the goliath heron, hammer kop, and African fish eagle.

The Kisumu-Bondo route makes it simple to get from Kisumu City to the park. Alternatively, you can reach the island in 45 minutes by speed boat from Kisumu. If you are considering a safari to Ndere Island National Park, find out the park entrance costs with Focus East Africa Tours you will not regret.

Best time to visit Ndere Island national park.

Ndere Island national park can be accessed all the year around except the lake can be rough during the transfer and during rainy seasons of March to May and September- November it always rain in the mornings and late afternoons.

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