Lamu Island In Mombasa

Lamu Island In Mombasa : Lamu Island is located off on the shores of northern Kenya in the Indian Ocean. Lamu Island is situated 150 miles northeast of Mombasa. Lamu island is incredible safari attraction to various tourists on Kenya safari, the island has got the most attractive and major island within the Lamu Archipelago. Lamu Island is a popular destination in Kenya that is renowned for being the longest established best-preserves traditional Swahili settlement for the 12th century.

Lamu Island is a great destination through the past history the destination is known as the important trade center where it used to attract traders and large number of sailors from outside countries. Like China to the Arabian Peninsula, though the island has got the large numbers of the habitants like the Persians, Kenyans, Indians, Europeans and among others.

On a Kenya safari Lamu is a key safari element on the Kenyan adventure for many decades, due to the fact that the island has got the peace that has led to large numbers to occupy the destination. Currently the destination is best and very safe to visit the equatorial oasis. Most of the travelers do visit Lamu Island after the safari adventure on the mainland. This takes tourists do use 4 hours when they fly from Maasai Mara National reserve to Nairobi Wilson that takes you connecting to the flight to the Lamu Archipelago. On the other side as well Lamu Island can be accessed from Nairobi, Mombasa or Malindi then after you reach the island.

Lamu Island has got the attractions like Kipungani, Matondoni, and Shela and among others.

Things to do in Lamu Island.

Visiting Lamu Old Town.

Tourists who come to visit Lamu Island do visit and explore Lamu Old town that is the oldest and best preserved Swahili settlements in East Africa, with the architecture of the Old Town that provides guests with the insights into Lamu’s rich history. The town has got the architecture that is intricate fusion of Arabic, Indian, Persian, Swahili influences, European. As well the Old town has got the attractive narrow winding streets, intricately carved doorways, museums, stone houses, and open markets and among others that makes your safari the most perfect one.

Lamu’s cultural festivals.

Lamu Island In Mombasa
Lamu Island In Mombasa

On a safari to Lamu Island the travelers do experience the various festivals that takes place in the different timings of the year, where the popular festivals includes Lamu food festival, Lamu Arts festival, Lamu Maulidi festival, Lamu Yoga festival, Lamu cultural festival and others. The Lamu cultural festival is the most attractive and the one of the most attended community based festivals that most of the tourists and locals happen to visit the island to enjoy the cultural shows and many others.

The cultural festival takes three days where the guests tend to have a taste of the Swahili taste where the travelers participate in the activities including the traditional henna painting, donkey races, dhow sailing races, music performances, poetry readings and many others, then the competitions are all based on the Lamu’s culture, then the donkey racers train for the entire year that provides the excellent performance.

Snorkeling and diving.

Lamu island is the well-known safari destination with the best coral reefs on a Kenya safari, during the snorkeling and diving the tourists enjoy sighting the wide range of species like the dolphins, sea turtles, patterned reef fish, though at a certain extent the chances for scuba diving are less due to remoteness, but snorkeling is done by most of the tourists. Then the diving excursions and lessons are therefore tend to be organized before your visit that makes your safari arranged one and become a unique one.

Best time to visit Lamu Island.

Lamu island can be visited all the year around but the best time to visit the island is during the dry season from July to September and December to February that’s when the safari activities in the land can be best done, again the island is best visited during the month November as that’s when the Lamu cultural festival takes place which is so meaningful and rewarding to the tourists.

Where to stay in Lamu Island.

Travelers who tend to visit the Lamu Island are provided with the suitable and comfortable accommodations that includes luxury, mid-range and the budget accommodation like Lamu House hotel, Banana House and Wellness center, Peponi hotel, Stopover Guest House-Lamu town, Sea Shells Inn, Msafini Hotel and among many others.

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