Finest Mombasa's dinnings.

Finest Mombasa’s dinnings.

Finest Mombasa’s dinnings : Are you familiar with Mombasa? Situated on the coast with a view of the Indian Ocean’s ancient port waters, this city is the second biggest in Kenya. For ages, many groups, tribes, and ethnicities, including Arab, Asian, Indian, Swahili, and English, fought for control of this entryway to the East atop these ramparts. The architecture, food, and culture of Mombasa have all been influenced by this multicultural melting pot of nationalities. Today’s “Old Town” of the city is a vibrant bazaar of wares, delicacies, spices, and languages to explore on foot.

When it comes to Mombasa’s culinary scene, this global epicurean potpourri is our lucky charm since it offers a diverse range of flavors that represent both the city’s past and its foreign influences.

So come along for a tour as we show you around some of our favorite restaurants in this intriguing seaside Swahili city. First to go the following dining’s during a Kenya safari.

Sea Haven Restaurant, Shanzu.

First amongst the finest Mombasa’s dinnings, we’ll travel to Old Town Mombasa, a well-liked beach location with stunning views of the Indian Ocean. Steaks, local fish, and excellent seafood platters are among the specialties. And a delectable selection of curries that pay homage to Asian influences.

The restaurant features sea-view terraces on many levels where you can relax and take in the views of the beach and surrounding area.

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Finest Mombasa's dinnings.
Sea Heaven Restaurant

Forodhani Restaurant.

Visit this location, which is also in ancient Town and close to the ancient harbor, for the fish dishes and stay for the views. Forodhani offers traditional Swahili dishes including mutton pilau and seafood from the area cooked in coconut sauce. Try the traditional Indian dishes, which are also highly recommended. Savour them in the comfortable eating area with magnificent views of the serene waters beyond.

Tamarind Mombasa.

With its lofty arches and traditional Arab design, Tamarind overlooks the ancient harbor and serves seafood delicacies in a superb dining setting. Gourmet, The London Times, and The Herald Tribune have all praised the prawns, chilli crab, and lobster on the menu, which reflects French, Asian, and African cuisines. Considered one of Africa’s best, Tamarind is renowned for its creative presentation and attentive service. Tourists dining at a dhow restaurant off the coast of Mombasa while sailing.

Imani Dhow Restaurant.

Another option for dining in Mombasa while honoring its traditional heritage is this. Savour seafood and other cuisines while travelling on a real Arab ship, or dhow. During its peak, Imani’s dhow transported grain and cotton between Mombasa, Tana, Dar es Salaam, and Zanzibar ports.

These days, you may skim the silky seas off Mombasa’s coast while taking in a sunset sail and munching on seafood platters, red snapper, lobster, crab, prawns, and rack of lamb.

Expansive and sophisticated, Pavilions provides generous breakfast, lunch, and supper buffets to its patrons. Select from a broad range of continental, Arabic, Mediterranean, Asian, and African cuisines that are dazzlingly displayed at its cooking stations.

As you eat Kenyan, Pan Asian, Indian, and international fusion cuisine, take in the live music at Pavilions. The chefs have a wide range of culinary specialties, including molecular gastronomy, sous vide, and Jiko.

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