Deep Sea Fishing Safari In Mombasa

Deep Sea Fishing Safari In Mombasa : Mombasa is the largest safari attraction that is known for the variety of fish. Deep sea fishing at the Mombasa coast is done under the Tag and Release policy for the Billfishes and Shark. This is done by tagging the Billfish at the Boat, so that they can provide vital information for the conservation and the research purposes. This makes Mombasa to be the prime spot for the deep sea excursions in the East Africa. Mombasa is the safari destination where you can witness the magnificent oceanic creatures on a Kenya safari.

During the deep sea fishing safari that’s when you enjoy the iconic of the large giants including the sailfish and marlin the reason being that these are found in the deep waters of Mombasa. Though sailfish is the most abundant and difficult to hook, but the acrobatic sighting displays every frustrating moment well worth the effort. On a Mombasa safari during the deep sea fishing after sighting the marlin are blue, striped and black, and it is the blue marlin that offers you the best of your time. These have got power, and the billfish fight with the amazing speed and agility, as it’s changing the directions, towards the ends of your safari you will leave with the everlasting safari memories in your entire life.

Deep sea fishing on a Mombasa safari you get the opportunity to catch the large yellowfin that weighs up to 200 pounds during the period of the months between August to October. And during the safari if you happen to hook one. And again if you are lucky you can happen to catch other fish species like dorado, barracuda, king fish, giant trevally which are not found in the most of the waterbodies but these can be only caught in the coastal waters of Mombasa while on a Kenya safari. And this is where you happen to observe the fastest fishes in the Indian Ocean can be sighted that is Wahoo, and if you come upon one you just prepare for the chaotic frenzy that even can result into the cut line.

Deep sea fishing explores you to the teaser of the Indian Ocean is the Kingfisher and at that moment you can happen to see the glimmer of its color in the water below the surface. Then other fish that you may taunt you are skipjack with the varieties of tuna and Kawakawa. Here you can relax from the fighting chair as you are enjoying your best taste of the drink while estching like the dolphins, then the whale sharks and humpback wales.

Deep Sea Fishing Safari In Mombasa
Deep Sea Fishing Safari In Mombasa

Deep sea fishing safari in Mombasa quietly long period of time like four, six and eight hour excursions. Therefore on your Kenya safari if you happen that you want to enjoy the deep sea fishing in Mombasa you can contact such that you engage and being the part of fishing tuna and wahoo and among others. And therefore you are reminded that you can as well plan for the excursion between September and October and then for the case marlin you can visit Mombasa from December through the period in March and also the sail fish can be got best from September and onwards.

On a safari to Mombasa it’s very vital to know the time that you are travelling their safari as this will give you the best and the most heart-pounding deep sea fishing experiences in your life. You are reminded that the strict tag and release policy that is followed for billfish and shark and captain of the boats which are members of the Kenya Association of the Sea Anglers, International Game Fish Association and the African Billfish Foundation.

Deep sea fishing in Mombasa the travelers are provided with the beverages gear and bait where you will be given packed lunch from your hotel that will keep you for the longer excursions. Again you are advised since you will be out on the open ocean you come along the hat and sunglasses, sunglasses, camera to capture your memories that you will take back after the safari to show people home, as jazzing them it will not be enough showing them the pictures will make them believe about the safari activity.

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