Best restaurants in Diani Beach

Best restaurants in Diani Beach : Are you familiar with Diani Beach? It is tucked away on Kenya’s world-class coastline, which has some of the best beaches in Africa and is clean and uncrowded. It’s the ideal place to relax before or after a safari.

This scene is entertaining, lively (if you want it to be), diverse, and hungry. This is the reason we’ve put together a list of Diani’s top restaurants at any time of day. We are familiar with Diani, therefore we’ve listed our top picks for waterfront dining below.

Best restaurants in Diani Beach.

 Nomad Beach Bar & Restaurant. 

Diani’s sands is the perfect place to while away a lazy afternoon or a moonlit evening while the cold turquoise of the Indian Ocean is just beyond. Take pleasure in pizza, seafood, or gourmet dining while choosing from a wide variety of international cuisines. In addition, home made ice cream.

Numerous public events are held at The Nomad, including the Kenya Kitesurfing Cub, sand sculpture contests, triathlons, and charity activities.

Africa Kenya Safaris offers beach vacations in Mombasa, Malindi, Watamu, Kilifi, Diani Lamu, and Zanzibar.

Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant.

 Yes. In a real cave, a genuine eatery. Ali Barbour’s offers a fresh take on outdoor dining because it is located inside a cave. Think of a candlelit dinner under an open roof where the stars can be seen. Each portion of the interconnected caves opens up to let in natural light. It’s impossible to deny the drama of this location, with huge palm leaves soaring over the bar.

Enjoy the variety of seafood options in this exquisite setting, made possible by a 100,000-year-old cave created by nature.

Casamia Diani Beach.

This restaurant and lounge bar is brand-new to Diani and is complemented by lush grounds and a design that combines the greatest elements of Italian and Afro flair. You might wish to look into the stone wine cellar, which features eco-sustainable elements throughout. Many options for fresh seafood, some with Mediterranean influences. Notable in particular is the bouillabaisse. As you sip your aperitif, listen to Swahili jazz.

Dining out in the bush in Maasai Mara National Reserve
Diani Beach

Blue Marlin Beach Restaurant.

This Diani custom, which is located by the sea, is a staple of Mediterranean, seafood, and European cuisine. Enjoy delicacies include Thai prawns, Swahili fish, and lobster Mombasa. Here, relax with a calm sundowner or reserve a table for a special date at Twilight.

 Sails Beach Bar and Restaurant.

Here, by the ocean’s edge, you may relax while the Kenyan sun is softened by a vast canopy of delicious white sails. You can choose from a magnificent variety of lobster, prawns, tuna, and snapper because everything is locally sourced. On their own organic farm, which is close, they raise the produce.

Without trying some of their favorite dishes, like as Crispy Calamari, Fresh Kilifi Oysters, or Tuna Carpaccio, no trip to Sails is complete. They have a dish known as “Zanzibar Snapper” to go after these. The best seafood on the African coast may be found here.

Have you got any inquiries? Do you have any dietary restrictions? We’ll assist you in locating the ideal restaurant or eateries to complete your safari to Diani Beach.

Now that you know that Africa also means delicious food, join us for dinner on the Kenyan coast while listening to a soft wind and the sound of the waves breaking, all while being illuminated by the moon and stars.

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