Beaches at Diani Beach

Beaches at Diani Beach : Diani beach is the top leading Kenya safari destination for the beach lovers. The beach is located on the coast of Kenya and spans miles along the Indian Ocean that stretches about 30 km south of Mombasa, for the beach lovers Diani beach is the right answer for you, the destination is surrounded by the dramatic and the diverse landscape that gives it the natural beauty and attractive one. Diani beach is full of color with the coral reefs, pure white sand, and tropical fish and among many others that attract the various tourists from worldwide to the destination.

 Dian beach has arrange of beaches with white sands and clear, blue water, the beaches that are found there are vibrant, beautiful part of the Kenyan coast. The beaches are such attractive and such excites the tourists who come to explore the beaches as these give the tourists the best way to relax and enjoys their safari holidays like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and among many others.

Beaches at Diani Beach.

Galu Beach.

Galu Beach is the attractive beach that stretches of sandy shoreline and has a lot of the palm trees.  The beach is popularly known as the best beach where the travelers enjoy carrying out various water sports including the scuba diving, kite surfing, paddle boarding and among many others. The travelers who are the great divers, snorkelers then the destination is the best way to go and encounter in the different activities and where the reefs nearby are the great way to explore the underwater world.

Galu beach is the astonishing destination where most of the families and a group of friends have got the best activities that fits them, especially the guests who love and enjoy the watersports like the kitesurfing, snorkeling and among others that makes their safari the most excellent one.

Tiwi Beach.

Tiwi beach looks out onto the amazing Indian Ocean and it’s located on the small coastal town known as Diani where there are various services like the restaurants, accommodations, shops and among others. Tiwi beach is the excellent beach not to miss out during a safari to Diani Beach, the beach is quiet, peaceful, and it’s the one of the less-known destinations on the Kenyan coast.

Beaches at Diani Beach
Tiwi Beach

Tiwi beach is next to the coastline, there is a reef that stretches out into the Indian Ocean, the reef can be seen under low tide and it provides travelers with hours of the rock pooling fun when doing various safari activities that takes place at the beach.

Ukundu Beach.

Ukundu beach is located in the beautiful coastal, there are various white sand beaches and clear, with the refreshing waters. Most of the travelers who are the great water sports like kayaking, paddle boarding and among others. Travelers who do love the water waves do enjoy the destination as here they can paddle out into and then rest on the shoreline while you having fun with your friends while you’re catching waves behind you and among yourselves.

The Ukundu beach can be reached through only using 13 minutes between Mombasa and Ukunda while using the air means of transport. Also the beach can be accessed from Mombasa through using other different means of transport like bus, ferry and among others, Beaches at Diani Beach.

Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park.

Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park is one of the most beautiful and attractive Marine Park in Kenya and the most unique one. The park has got four small islands that are well surrounded by the coral reefs, the destination is the most incredible one where various tourists come to the country to explore the different characteristics that are found in the park like the variety of plant and animal species.

Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park has a variety of fish where the travelers can sight different fish species like butterflyfish, triggerfish, moray eels, angelfish and among others. Not only the fish species the park boasts other marine life to be seen in the clear waters like the snappers, hawksbill turtles, dolphins and among others.

Tourists who come at the park enjoys in various activities that includes snorkeling, diving, swimming, sailing, boat ride and among others.

Best time to visit Diani Beach.

Diani beach the south coast of the country offers the tourists the chance to be spotted the year-round, though at times the tropical rainfall begins in the afternoon and also may happen during the night. But the best time to visit Diani beach is during the period from July to September, that’s when it’s slightly cooler. Then January to March are also good months because that’s when the weather is not so hot like during the rest of the day.

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