Beach Paradise In Kenya

Beach Paradise In Kenya

Beach Paradise In Kenya : Kenya, in East Africa, is a popular “beach and bush” vacation safari destination because it offers some of the best safari experiences and the most gorgeous tropical beaches. Whether on the beach or in the forest, accommodations range from luxurious, exclusive luxury to family-friendly, romantic honeymoon hideaways to rustic and daring. There is somewhere in Coastal Kenya for you to unwind after a safari or to explore and take in the water sports and coastal attractions. Continue reading this article to know more about the beach paradise in Kenya.

In fact, the Kenyan coast resembles the scenes shown on postcards: endless ribbons of white sand beaches encircled by tall tropical palms and appealing turquoise waters. Its stretches of coral reefs are flawless for diving and snorkeling. It’s very near to the equator and you’ll undoubtedly find it quite odd to go for an early morning swim in the sea – only to find that it’s warmer than your hotel swimming pool. Sometimes, at low tide, you can walk out on the coral reefs for over a kilometer and explore the myriad sea creatures: from ‘dayglo’ hermit crabs to sausage-shaped sea cucumbers.

The perfect way to round off your safari itinerary.

Somehow, a leisurely beach vacation is the ideal happy ending after the more regimented days of safari game drives and bush routines. You have more than enough things to do to keep yourself busy, including shopping trips, water sports, city tours, and cultural visits. Nevertheless, you are also free to unwind and do nothing but sip tall, luxurious beverages and take in the sight of the unique Arab dhows as they sail by.

Numerous top-notch lodges can be found scattered throughout the shore, providing fantastic vacations for a variety of groups and occasions, including families, singles, honeymooners, activity seekers, and more. Thus we’ll be pleased to suggest anything that suits your tastes and price range.

The climate.

Compared to some of the inland safari destinations that can be clearly cool at certain times of the year, the Kenyan coast is very seriously tropical. Warm and temperate all year round, it can get blisteringly hot and humid at midday, especially in the height of summer from November to February. Luckily, there’s usually a light onshore breeze to keep things cool. However, at times, the breeze might kick up significantly to cater to wind- and kite surfers. The ocean temperature stays warm all year round, ranging from 23°C – 27°C (73°F – 80°F). As with anywhere in Kenya, the sun is ferocious and a good sunscreen is a necessity, not an option.

Where to stay on Kenya’s coast



Mombasa, the busiest port in East Africa and the ‘centre’ of Kenya’s coast, is a sultry, dilapidated place with little to recommend it. The 16th-century Portuguese Fort Jesus is worth a visit, and the old city lanes are enjoyable for daring adventurers to meander around. In the suburbs to the north are most of the tourist-oriented hotels.

Watamu Beach.

Beautiful Watamu is the first major resort north of Mombasa. It is an excellent safari destination to go diving and snorkeling because of the unique rock formations that border the coast. Gedi, an old ruin city nearby, is open for exploration.

Beach Paradise In Kenya
Watamu Beach


Malinda, a charming and well-liked village located thirty minutes north of Watamu, is home to some of the most charming hotels and lodges along the coast, mainly at Vasco da Gama Point, where the sea is pure and the beaches are immaculate.


There are other enticing islands in the unusual Lamu archipelago; the major island is, of course, Lamu Island, and the airfield is located nearby on Manda Island. The pace of life is leisurely and relaxed, with strong traces of ancient African and Arab customs and cultures. With almost no roads or cars on the islands, it’s a peaceful getaway from the worries of modern life. It’s quite secluded and rustic.

Diani Beach.

Diani Beach, which is surrounded by palm trees and has a superb coral reef and sandbars that are ideal for exploring by glass-bottom boats, is regarded as the best beach safari in Kenya. This area has a nice variety of hotels and lodges to suit the interests and preferences of all visitors. The majority of the local restaurants, pubs, and activities are located in Diani. Galu and Kinondo are two more beaches that are well worth visiting and are only a few km further south.

In summary, This article entails all you need to know about the beach paradise in Kenya

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