A day with dolphins in Diani Beach

A day with dolphins in Diani Beach : Not only do you see lions, leopards, and elephants on an African safari. You may observe friendly dolphin pods throughout Kenya’s breathtaking coastline and in its vibrant marine parks, and you can even go swimming with them during a Kenya safari.

We have planned a full-day adventure for you that will involve sailing on a real dhow through the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Your day will involve swimming and snorkeling by coral reefs, colourful fish, ancient fishing villages, fascinating islands, a seafood barbecue, and, of course, many of dolphin encounters.

We set sail at Shimoni.

In the shadow of historic landmarks and a tiny fishing community, Shimoni serves as the starting point of our journey. As we make our way to Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park, we’ll board our dhow and begin sailing by little islands. Look for pods of local dolphins jumping alongside our boat as we cruise across the blue waters, welcoming us to this thriving marine reserve.

The vast coral barrier reef in this area, which is home to countless of vibrant fish, is where we can swim or snorkel. In addition, this underwater ecosystem is home to a variety of corrals, including octopuses, clams, sponges, and many others.

Be prepared to swim alongside turtles and keep an eye out for humpback whales that go through these waters on their migratory route.

The park, however, is home to more than 200 of the intelligent and gorgeous cetaceans, but you came for the dolphins. Dolphins in Kisite Mpunguti National Park appear in three exquisite varieties: spinner, bottlenose, and humpback.  You two will undoubtedly enjoy one another’s company.

A day with dolphins in Diani Beach
A day with dolphins in Diani Beach

Wasini Island.

Returning to the dhow, you will travel to the adjacent Wasini Island, a tiny haven of Swahili culture where bicycles and automobiles are prohibited. Here, only foot traffic or wheelbarrows are allowed. On a brief guided tour of the island, you will see mangrove swamps, coral gardens, and perhaps even glimpses of dolphins and whales swimming nearby. But lunch is the only thing that can come out of all this pleasure, learning, and excitement.

It’s time to relax with a seafood barbecue featuring regional Swahili delicacies and take in the laid-back island atmosphere.

Sail away.

As you return to Shimoni Island for additional explorations, you will board our dhow once more and search for the brilliant, leaping dolphins. It’s not unusual to smell cloves as you stroll through the town’s old streets and hear the call to prayer in the evening.

You will go to the notorious slave caverns, which housed a great number of unlucky people before they were transported to the slave market in Zanzibar. You’ll go on a guided tour of the caves, and the money you pay to do so will help fund local causes like paying for teachers’ salaries and buying food and medicine.

The final day of this extremely unusual African nautical safari is filled with the natural beauty, Swahili culture, and history. Simply get in touch with Focus East Africa Tours, and we’ll arrange for you to visit these fascinating, colourful seas that are home to a large population of friendly dolphins.

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